About André Baars

Educational Psychologist

I have an academic degree in Educational Psychology. I am practising my profession at the Radboud Universiteit (RU) in Nijmegen since 1997. I coach students in their study endeavours, advise studentadvisors and teachers on coaching issues and support faculties in the development of coaching systems for their departments. Aside from my activities at the RU, I give lectures, workshops and courses to parents, teachers and other educational professionals in the country. I am also course coördinator for the National Assembly of Studentadvisors (LvSA).

I introduce myself...

I'm an educational psychologist to the bone. Learning has always fascinated me and I have dedicated my career to an educational system, that helps pupils and students to become the directors of their own learning process. I'm convinced that this ability to guide your own development is the single most important ability to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Andre Baars

Educational Psychologist